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How Should You Handle Dating During Social Distancing?


Picture this: You just met your new soulmate, and you can’t believe how good this person makes you feel. You’re spending every minute together, talking about future plans… when COVID-19 hits. 

 How the heck are you supposed to keep your new flame going when you’re supposed to stay 6 feet away at all times? 

Social distancing is complicating millions of relationships across the country. If you don’t live together, then you have a tough decision to make:

  • Shelter in place without each other, or 
  • Move-in and shelter in place together 

I don’t advise that you move in together, besides… there’s nothing like a global pandemic to put stress on a new live-in relationship. 

 So if the right decision is to shelter in place alone, what can you do besides end the relationship? 

 Social distancing gives us an opportunity to connect in new ways. When you can’t be next to each other on the couch, you find new ways to keep the relationship alive.

 Check out my 4 recommendations for dating during social distancing:

1: Have safe sex… and I don’t mean condoms

I know how important physical intimacy is in a relationship. The beauty of living in 2020 is that you can keep your sexual relationship alive without ever coming into each other’s homes. 

FaceTime and Skype let you have real-time video calls with your one and only.

Screentime together can give your relationship new sexual energy and keep you even more excited to see each other when the quarantine ends.

2: Learn to be an over communicator

When you’re living in your own homes, not spending evenings together, and not even seeing each other in person for weeks or months at a time, can be frustrating!

Relationships benefit from communication, and being apart makes that tough. If you’re spending quarantine away from your darling, I would say make sure you’re checking in more than you would normally do.

Just had lunch? Send a text. 

Thinking something naughty? Send a snap. 

Had a tough day at work? Let them know. 

It doesn’t matter how big or little the thought is. What’s important to your partner is that you’re sharing that thought with them. It improves intimacy when you can’t physically have it.

3: Set boundaries and stick to them 

It’s important to set expectations in a dating relationship during social distancing. If you talk about what you each need from the relationship, you can make sure that you’re both acting with the relationship in mind. 

I recommend that you talk about: 

  • Dating expectations: Are you texting other people while you’re apart? Are you exclusive? 
  • Social distancing expectations: If you find a T-shirt that belongs to your partner, how will you return it? What if there’s an emergency and your partner needs help? How will you deal with these situations in social distancing? 

Communication expectations: How often do you expect to text each other? What about phone calls or video chats?

4: Plan a cozy date over FaceTime 

Don’t forget during social isolation that you and your sweetheart are still dating! 

Relationship satisfaction is higher for couples who carve out quality time to spend together. 

Virtual dates can be just as fun as real dates. Hop on FaceTime and pick an activity to do together. Maybe you could: 

  • Cook the same meal together, and then enjoy dinner together on video
  • Have a video game night with a low-key game like Animal Crossing while you talk about your days apart
  • Watch a movie together while talking on the phone for a virtual Netflix-and-chill experience

What if this relationship is the real deal? 

This time apart will give you so much more information as to if this person is the ‘real deal’ or not. When the pandemic is all over and yes it will be one day soon, you will have enough information to then take it to the next level!

How’s your love life during social distancing? 

I’m feeling blessed to be locked in with ‘real deal’ during COVID-19, so my “dating life” just means a whole bunch more of talk and sex time. How are you coping with dating during social distancing? Leave your comments below!