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Natural Cures for Feminine Dryness

Get Natural Cures for Female Dryness at V-Ology

Women experience vaginal dryness due to the drop in the levels of estrogen while they go into menopause. This female hormone ensures the lining of the vagina is lubricated, elastic, and thick. With age, a woman sees changes in hormone production that can cause the vaginal walls to thin.However, vaginal dryness can happen to a woman at any age for a variety of different reasons. There are some natural cures for female dryness that involve a few simple changes in the lifestyle. Along with natural cures, there are also different treatments that are available out there to get relief from the different symptoms of vaginal dryness.

Lack of vaginal moisture may not be a problem for some women but it can show its impact by affecting the women’s sex life. A woman can experience discomfort and pain during intercourse.

Different Causes of Vaginal Dryness

Along with estrogen being a reason to cause vaginal dryness, there are also a few other reasons that can lead to it. The reason behind the drop in levels of estrogen is due to the approaching of menopause. Estrogen produced by the ovaries controls the development of the different female body characteristics. The hormone also plays an important role in the menstrual cycle and pregnancy. Estrogen is the reason why the tissues which line the vagina are thick, healthy, and moisturized. When the levels of the estrogen decline, the lining of the vagina becomes thinner, less elastic, and drier.

Apart from menopause, the levels of estrogen can also drop due to:

  • Childbirth and breast-feeding
  • Surgical removal of ovaries
  • Chemotherapy treatment of cancer
  • Anti-estrogen medications
  • Allergy and cold medications
  • Certain anti antidepressants
  • Less foreplay before sex

What’s the Diagnosis?

Along with the natural cures for feminine dryness, you can also reach out to our experts at V-Ology that will provide you with the needed knowledge and products to take care of your vagina. Our team will refer you to our medical experts to do a thorough background health check with you and know about the root cause that has caused vaginal dryness. Doing a thorough examination will let us know of any other possible causes that have caused discomfort to you.

What’s the Medication?

Bio Identical Hormone Replacement therapy is one of the most common treatments for vaginal dryness. The therapy will replace the low hormone count that the body is producing. Topical estrogen is not recommended for women who have:

  • Breast cancer
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Endometrial cancer
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding

The CO2LiftV- At Home Vaginal Treatment is a great solution for women who do not wish to take hormone therapy.

How to Avoid Vaginal Dryness?

  • Avoid using perfumed soaps, washes, and douches around the sensitive area around the vagina
  • Do not put any lotion or cream inside the vagina as it might lead to infection
  • Only use moisturizers that are safe to use for the vagina

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