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The Challenges of Motherhood

If you’re a mom, I don’t have to tell you that motherhood changes every aspect of the rest of your life—even (or especially) sex!

Childbirth and hormone changes affect your sexual experience. But many moms find that their sex lives dwindle after children even if they had an easy postpartum period. And these changes can last decades after postpartum!

What’s incongruous is that many moms want to have more sex. They just don’t know how to make it happen, because rushed sex in the shower while the baby naps for 15 minutes isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time.

(If you’re a mom of teens or adults, then this still holds true! You have plenty of non-infant responsibilities that affect your appetite for sex.)

You can reconnect with your partner and get back the sex life that you’ve missed since pre-pregnancy.

Here’s some suggestions:

1: Get Some “Me Time”

As a mom, how much time alone do you get every day?

If you’re a mom of babies or kids, then you probably don’t spend any time alone unless you’re on the toilet… and even that isn’t a given. My marketing consultant Lindsey can attest to this—she’s a mom to a 9-month old and hasn’t gone to the bathroom alone since last July!

Even moms of older kids and teens have trouble carving out “me time.”

Women take on a disproportionate amount of the executive functioning work that goes into running a household, especially once they become moms. When your kids are at school, which thanks to COVID, they are on zooming along side you ), you’re either at work or trying to balance schedules, bills, and activities for 4 people.

The result of having no alone time is that you feel touched out by the time you get any time together with your spouse. It can be hard to even want intimacy when you don’t get to take care of your own needs.

So how do you manage that lack of alone time? It’s simple, make time for yourself. Get your partner to take over for a few hours so you can take the day off and relax. Use this time to do a facial or an at home Vagacial, Try the CO2LiftV- at home V kit and relax for an an hour.

Put a sign that says “Mom’s time off” on the door… and enforce it!

2: Communicate With Your Partner

Your partner won’t know that you’re feeling burned out if you don’t tell them.

If you let them know that you’re feeling a little hot under the collar without being open about what you’re feeling, then they might try to initiate sex at the wrong time, and then it’s a bust.

Tell your partner that you’re feeling overworked and need to reconnect with yourself… so that you can reconnect with him.

Honestly, don’t be afraid to ask for exactly what you need! Showing vulnerability in a relationship actually increases sexual desire.

If you’re a mom of teens or adults, then have your partner take over your normal responsibilities for the day, like childcare or pet care.

Then on day two, carve out time for the main event… now that you’ve rejuvenated alone, you can feel more connected and closer than ever to your partner.

The result is sex that’s passionate, real, and orgasmic. You’ll want to make this a quarterly tradition. At least one weekend every 3 months.

3: Put it on the Calender...Thirsty Thursdays?

After the kids are asleep, instead of netflix, spend time reconnecting with your partner. Relax into relaxing and just alow whatever happens to happen. Many think making a date seems off, but we plan vacations and that doesnt make it less set the calender! Let us know if these worked for you.

you moms, you’re one of the most important beings on this earth. Your V has literally created life! What could be more incredible? And honestly, more sexy?