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Frequently Asked Questions BV-ology

Frequently Asked Questions BV-ology

Suffering from chronic BV with no end in sight? I’ve answered your most pressing questions about BV-ology! Read on to learn more:


You should use BV-ology if you have:

  • Chronic, recurring bacterial vaginosis
  • Pain, discomfort, or itching during sex
  • Changes to the odor of your V
  • Large amounts of thin discharge

Even if you don’t have a BV diagnosis, you can still probably benefit from BV-ology. 80% of women who have BV don’t even know it because they don’t recognize the symptoms. It’s very common to have a chronic infection without even knowing it.

BV-ology works by changing the environment of your vagina so that it’s hostile to BV-causing bacteria.

There are two kinds of bacteria in your vagina: probiotics, which protect your V; and pathogens, which cause infections.

In a healthy V, the probiotics outcompete the pathogens, keeping infections at bay.

If you don’t have enough food for your probiotics (called prebiotics), or have a pH that’s too acidic or alkaline, then BV can take hold… and for most women, it results in chronic recurring infections.

BV-ology nurtures your natural probiotics by:

  • Feeding your probiotics with nourishing prebiotics
  • Balancing the vaginal pH with boric acid
  • Moisturizing the V with aloe

Using BV-ology is simple. It’s a small pill that you’ll insert into the vagina and keep in place until it absorbs, which can take up to 6 hours.

Use one pill daily for 7-14 days for most infections. If you have a severe infection, you can use BV-ology twice daily.

For chronic infections, use BV-ology once daily while on your period.

That’s all! BV-ology works in the comfort of your home, so there’s no invasive doctor’s appointment.

I recommend using BV-ology before bed and using a pantyliner since discharge can occur while the product is in use.

BV-ology is safe for everyone— with the only exception being pregnant or nursing women. Boric acid products are not considered safe during pregnancy or nursing.

BV is more common in pregnancy. Talk to your doctor if you’re struggling with bacterial vaginosis during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

You can have sex 6 hours after using a BV-ology pill. I don’t recommend having receptive oral sex while using BV-ology, as the boric acid can produce a bitter taste until the treatment is over.

I don’t recommend using antibiotics and BV-ology at the same time. That’s for a few reasons:

  • Antibiotics can kill your probiotic colony, undoing the benefit of BV-ology’s prebiotic formula
  • Boric acid products are proven effective at fighting BV without added antibiotics or other medications

In fact, the use of antibiotics for BV is linked to recurring infections.

Are you ready to kick constant BV to the curb? You don’t have to live your life held back by painful sex, itching, and vaginal odor. Your confidence can be all yours again!

BV-ology is here to bring your V back to its natural state, restoring it to the youthful lotus that brings you power and passion.

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