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Our Story

How many times have you heard the word “vagina” on primetime TV lately? I’m willing to bet it’s less than once. 

We don’t talk about vaginas in this society, but that’s not how it should be. I’m here to change the conversation. 

V-ology celebrates the vagina as a golden lotus that can birth life, ideas, concepts, and success. Your V deserves way more than it’s been getting. 


Our Birth & Founder

I was already working in the beauty and health industry when I realized for the first time that the beauty industry short-changes vaginas. With my expertise owning and running a beauty business, I knew I could turn that around. 

In my late 30s, I heard my mom describe good sex as “like playing tennis. You focus on hitting the ball.” Nothing else mattered except total focus on hitting the ball. Total focus on the task at hand. 

Then it clicked. Sexual intimacy was more than just pleasing a partner. It was about focusing on the moment and nothing else. Real feeling was the objective, not performing a role for a partner. 

On my path of self-discovery, on a quest to understand what actually makes good sex, I started asking: Why was it so normal for women to think that sex was performative and not pleasurable? 

Was it a lack of understanding and care for our own vaginas? 

In my late 30s, I took prescribed antibiotics after a yeast infection, and the result was chronic bacterial vaginosis (BV) that required constant antibiotic treatment. 

My husband was sure that constant antibiotics weren’t the answer. He hit the books searching for an answer. 

That answer was a combination of boric acid and prebiotics in a vaginal pill form. He got the ingredients and made it for me. Within a week, my chronic BV was gone, and it never came back. 

Later, I would make this into BV-ology, a sophisticated formula that balances the vaginal pH and introduces enough prebiotic bacteria to outcompete the BV-causing pathogens. 

By 46, I found that I was experiencing less sensation during sex. My doctor assured me that my lubrication was fine, but I was losing sensitivity, which is a normal part of aging. 

Laser treatment was a possibility, but the procedure is invasive, expensive and required time off from sex.  I knew there had to be a better solution. 

CO2 lasers work by increasing blood flow and cell regeneration in the area, which effectively lets your tissue rejuvenate itself naturally. 

I had already built a gel delivery system that’s effective at skin regeneration and sold it to dermatologists and plastic surgeons. 

I used this in the formulation of CO2LiftV. Clinical trials showed that CO2LiftV is just as effective as lasers or radio frequency treatment, but without the pain and downtime. 

The result? With CO2LiftV, my vagina was doing things it never did in my 20s! 


Having a youthful, high-performing vagina is the secret to well-being and success. 

V-ology is here to make that happen for everyone. Sexual wellness can be yours. Whether it’s aging, postpartum changes, stress, or menopause, CO2LIFTV can help. 

I am determined to keep bringing solutions to women that help them increase intimacy and celebrate their sacred V.