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Beat chronic BV for good with BV-ology! 

Almost a third of all women get bacterial vaginosis in their lifetime and most women who deal with it will have it occur again.  

The go-to treatment is antibiotics, but it’s very common for antibiotics to nuke your V’s beneficial bacteria, too. 

Your V hosts hundreds of bacteria strains that work overtime to shut out pathogens and keep your lotus in working order. 

When you lose those beneficial bacteria, the bacteria that cause BV can take over. 

The result is chronic infections that don’t get better, even with constant antibiotics. 

I went through this myself in my 30s, like millions of other women. But my husband wasn’t satisfied with the doctors’ constant stream of antibiotics. (Neither was I!) 

Instead, he formulated a boric acid prebiotic complex that became the prototype for BV-ology in the vaginal pill form. 

You see, a healthy vagina’s pH shouldn’t move beyond the range of 3.8 to 4.5. When your pH gets too alkaline, it becomes a breeding ground for BV. 

The boric acid keeps your V’s pH right within range, while the prebiotic complex supplements your natural microbiome. The result? A happy, flourishing vagina that’s got all the right bacteria - and none of the bad ones! 

Shop BV-ology to put a stop to chronic BV!  


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